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Cyrielle and Marine are two French (of Caribbean origins, Bordeaux and living in the Basque country) travel enthusiasts living by the sea. They met in Indonesia where they both spent long periods, as they have not put long to fall in love with the people, the culture, the beautiful traditional fabric and the Batiks.

Designated by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, this fabric, decorated with floral motifs and has varied meanings, inspires them the Ada Perlu.

Ada perlu the only one in the world that represents a modern take on this fabric, and creates ethical, colorful and fine handmade lingerie & accessories to inspire all women and men with a unique sustainable life style.

Inspired by the Indonesian culture, the nature and the world of swimsuits. Whether you are lounging in our own personal paradise or just want to feel the comfort of organics next to your skin, Ada perlu is going to be your best friend that give you the feeling of Indondesia anywhere you may be.

Our underwear and accessories are designed in France and handmade in Bali.
It’s all about simples shapes, perfect to glorify any kind of beauty with many colors that bring happiness.

Our lingerie and accessories offer a balance of comfort and seduction. Our materials are natural, sustainably sourced and selected for their quality.
We aim to design an everyday wear with seductive qualities. With its traditional balinese offerings boxes, it’s also the perfect gift to make anyone happy.

Ada perlu is commited to leave a lighter footprint on the planet in developing eco-friendly underwear and accessories. Our main vision is to implement a sustainable business to pursue the zero waste movement. Our processes consider the ethical and environmental impacts from the design to the distribution of our products.

At our scale, we contribute to doing our share of the « colibri » while offering a perfect balance between comfort and seduction.

Be Unique Be Green Be Batik.

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