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Bluebella: a new approach to feminine sensuality
(lingerie, nightwear, legwear)
When she decided to set up her brand in 2005, the British entrepreneur Emily Bendell knew exactly what she was aiming for: lingerie that would redefine notions of sensuality by approaching it from a woman’s perspective. Bluebella creates lines of garments designed for women who like a little provocation, without vulgarity, to feel beautiful and confident, empowering women to take control of their sensuality. The brand toys with transparent effects, revealing just enough, but not too much, to maintain a sense of mystery and the suggestion that the best is yet to come. Collections are graphic and give pride of place to black. Materials favoured are often light and sheer, from delicate georgette to the interplay of mesh with lace inlays. Though the customer experience is luxurious and indulgent, the price positioning remains mid-range to keep garments affordable. It is in this same inclusive spirit that Bluebella offers garments in sizes up to G-cups. The brand has earned recognition from its contemporaries and a number of British awards (including Best Brand from The Lingerie Collective in 2014 and Boudoir Brand of the Year at the UK Lingerie Awards in 2015).

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