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Bonesta Swimwear

Company Name : Men Grup Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret A. S.

Country/region: Turkey

Yes, Bonesta Swimwear is different. Because…
We go for the very best while designing our products. We use modern touches by using Italian and Spanish fabrics combined with accessories. Bonesta Swimwear is ready to make you feel special with difference that you can see in its every detail.
For “Beautiful than ever…” don’t stop, bring inspiration to your life…

Every woman is more beautiful than she thinks and can shine first, with her own happiness. We are inspired by the beauty of women and working nonstop for the tiniest detail while designing our inspiring Bonesta Swimwear collection. For “Beautiful than ever”, don’t stop, bring inspiration to your life…” We shine together!

Compromising quality? Never!
As one of the leading brands of the swimwear industry, we produce Bonesta Swimwear designs that present comfort and chic as one, always with same high quality, world standard technology and precision. We combine our best in field stylists’ designs with our innovative and dynamic nature; we put our clients’ happiness first.

Is there anything better than leading the world’s beach trends!
Bonesta swimwear is not just a trendy brand but also a trendsetter all over the world. Leading the beach trends with its collections, Bonesta Swimwear, adds even more beauty to women. As one of Turkey’s leading brands we offer trust and quality to the whole world.
Because, every woman deserves to feel beautiful!

This is our motto. We know that all women can be comfortable, esthetic and stunning as well as being chic with form fitting bikini and bathing suits. So, we design our highly anticipated Bonesta swimwear collections to ensure women feel beautiful than ever!

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