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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Mimi Holliday succeeds in making lingerie sexy and fun
(corsetry, swimwear, nightwear, loungewear)
The designer Damaris Evans created her first luxury lingerie brand in her own name with a £5,000 grant from the Prince’s Trust charity that supports promising British talent. Very feminine and sexy but also wonderfully fresh and bold, the brand was a resounding success. Her bow-back knickers reached iconic status and earned high praise in the press. Designs were so popular that Damaris was soon asked to translate her unrivalled style into a more affordable brand. Mimi Holliday was thus born in 2003. From the outset, the brand followed its big sister’s example by launching a series of previously unseen brief styles. Unusually, these knickers are all about the rear view: Peep Back Knickers come with varying sizes of peep-hole, Wrap Knickers are wound around the body, Strip Knickers feature narrow strips of fabric and Corset Knickers are laced up corset-style. Mimi Holliday likes to incorporate a good dose of fun, punctuating collections with novelty embroidery (such as cats, shells, stars, etc.) created by the designer herself. With a clear focus on sensuality and wellbeing, the brand is particularly attentive to fit, as well as fabric quality. Favourite fabrics include silk, French lace and Italian jerseys.

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  • Daywear lingerie / Bodywear


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Mimi holliday