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Company Name : PALEM

Country/region: France


  • Woman


  • Accessories
  • Beachwear / Resortwear
  • Hosiery / Footwear
  • Home accessories
  • Bag / basket
  • Flip flop / Sandal / Espadrille
  • Beachwear / Resortwear


  • Premium

PALEM, an inspiring and elegant brand, which takes every Woman on a journey with femininity and originality.

The exclusively natural materials, modern cuts, original fabrics and prints underline the elegance and the chic but effortless look of a traveling woman.

Cultivating a timeless fashion, “La Femme PALEM” is looking for unique but accessible pieces.

PALEM offers a stylish summer wardrobe for women looking to find out-of-season items for solar breakouts all year round.
And reinvents the female wardrobe of the traveler by offering a wide choice of looks with refined details in seductive forms but always relaxed.

A collection imagined like a trip in 3 highlights: Seaside, Escape and Nighfall…

PALEM is the elegance of an endless summer….

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