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Drawing on her 10-year passion for lingerie, Stéphanie Weinich breaks the lingerie industry rules to bring a dream-like freedom to women.
Conceived as works of art, Ruban noir has reinvented lingerie with a collection of unique fashion pieces.
The designer abandoned traditional designs to create sensual and arty lingerie.
Stephanie Weinich pushed her creative process to the edge by selecting swimwear fabrics rarely associated with the world of lingerie and adopting laser cutting techniques typically used by sportswear manufacturers.
This wild gamble has given birth to a unique and sensual lingerie collection with suggestive names. Lingerie has now broken free with a strong identity and exceptional, timeless pieces.
A sublime combination of the most unexpected materials.
The tulle caresses the skin, whilst enhancing with straps that shape feminine curves. The timeless “underwear” piece becomes a true jewel and subtly dresses a woman’s body.
Bathing suit materials maintains forms without hiding them. Usually confined to gym changing rooms, the bras cut and magnify.
Vinyl, another material rarely found in “every day” lingerie, is subtly intermingled to give a sensual touch to the final piece of this exceptional first collection.
Combining tulle, swimwear fabric and vinyl the designer plays with new materials and codes in order to offer an eclectic and erotic collection.

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Ruban noir