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Interfilière Paris confirms excellent dynamic

31 January 2018

This January session confirmed the presence of a trend first seen in July. By totally renewing the range on offer, Interfilière Paris exhibitors have boosted the dynamics of the show and successfully attracted buyers seeking products that stand out from the crowd.

This positive momentum was clearly recognized by all the different sectors at the show. Buyers valued the commitment demonstrated by suppliers. Particularly well-prepared for this edition, exhibitors presented very sophisticated and cutting-edge collections that push developments “to the limit”. The high level of interest shown and quality of discussions can be seen in the length of appointments at each stand, which were slightly longer than previous editions. US company Eastman won over visitors, once again, with its Naia™ yarn made from sustainable resources. A number of new products, unveiled at the show, highlighted the qualities of this new cellulosic yarn. France’s D2P Billon attracted attention with its new “plant-based polyamide” jersey made from a totally renewable resource: castor oil. Visitors particularly appreciated the performances of this new ‘sustainable’ yarn, which is lightweight, very stretchy, extremely breathable and bacteriostatic.

The Japanese company Seiren also attracted considerable interest from visitors with its revolutionary Viscotecs™ and VISCOMAGIC® printing processes. Seiren made the smart move of showcasing various developments (tights, leggings, T-shirts, etc.) on display mannequins to provide a clear understanding of the innovations’ vast graphic and technical potential.

Buyers were sensitive to the added value represented by the development of new production and finishing technologies. The technical and creative prowess of outstanding textile finishing, featured in The Exception, inspired emotion and admiration, once again. Enthusiasm was also palpable on the stands. Visitors to second-time-exhibitor, Gayou, were struck by the magic of the lace-maker’s embroidery-effect printing on lace, the softness of ‘cotton’ hand-feels and the aesthetic of “Missoni” inspired lace motifs. The high calibre of visitors also received unanimous praise from accessories specialists: here again, buyers took the time to track down the most innovative products.

Takeaways from the first fabric sampling for Summer 2019: five tangible trends.
Ultra-light – Lightweight fabrics were unanimously popular for all sectors and materials: lace, wovens, knits, etc.
Natural – Buyers picked out very soft hand-feels, neutral urban colours and “natural” materials, with cottons and ‘cotton’ blends taking pride of place.
Effects – plissé, embossed, structured and embroidered effects caught the eye. Satin finishes, paper hand-feels and wet-looks also attracted attention. By selecting “added value” fabrics, lingerie brands’ key priority is to offer products that stand out from the crowd.
Organic and recycled products gained ground amongst buyers’ first selections. Sustainable development was a hot topic at the latest session, with a particularly strong demand for organic cotton.
However, the top prize goes to sport – Activewear played a key role at the show. Double face terry fabrics, colourful stripes, structured stretch fabrics, functional knits and updated shapewear were some of the most popular samples selected for Summer 2019.

Another successful session comes to an end!
We look forward to seeing you next July and throughout the year on our website and social networks to keep track of the latest news from the sector.

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