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17 June 2019

The Japanese textile business founded in 1889 employs 1,520 people (the Seiren Group’s total workforce is 6,202). Seiren Co. presents a range of hi-tech printing options for the underwear, shapewear and swimwear markets.

The company has developed Viscotecs™ printing technology which offers impressive advantages not just for graphics but other applications as well. VISCOMAGIC®, the latest patented breakthrough, uses a treatment to dissolve polyester and create different compression zones in the same fabric. These technical characteristics – power control, breathability, and 3D effects – are very much appreciated by the compression garment market.

Seiren Co. has several Viscotecs™ production sites: in Japan (apparel textile), and in Mexico, Thailand, the United States, China, and India (100% polyester for car seat). The company produces over 5.15 million metres of printed fabric each year. Seiren also participates in numerous partnerships with clients for exclusive developments. The company carries both Oeko-Tex, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 – 14001:2004 and Bluesign certifications. Its technologies are environmentally respectful with reduced CO2 emissions and low energy and water consumption.

Export represents 40 percent of its activity. Seiren Co. is active in America, Mexico, Brazil, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and France. Triumph and Victoria’s Secret are two of the company’s main clients.

Latest innovation: Viscotecs™ burnout – VISCOMAGIC®, and digital prints.

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