New exhibitors to discover: La Trame, 3T Transfers, Alto Mag Milanese

11 June 2019


“Faced with strong competition from abroad, there was an urgent need to bring our individual talents together to strengthen our position” Coralie Camarassa (Atelier du Motif), LA TRAME.

La Trame, the new French Federation of Textile and Surface Design, has chosen Interfilière Paris to unveil its first trade show pavilion. Set up in February 2019, La Trame brings together 40 member designers and 7 administrative members. “We have defined four key priorities with our members: assistance and support in the form of legal advice to help us better protect our rights and a variety of partnerships; financial assistance with tools to find funding; promotional assistance through various representative roles and interventions targeting the general public and professional representation to promote our expertise and know-how at a variety of events such as Interfilière Paris,” explains Agnès Denat (Cymé). La Trame hopes that its show pavilion will attract interest and win over visitors: “Our mission is to spread the word about the textile design profession before we start working on its dynamism. People don’t know very much about our work and too many are still confused about the difference between textile designers and fashion designers, for example”, underlines Camille Pianel (Motifs). French design enjoys a unique position on the international scene because it’s unusual: “The drawing and visual cultures in France are quite different. Our creativity is inspired by an intermingling of unique art forms, a combination of Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Architecture and Illustration. That’s probably what makes our designs that bit bolder,” suggests Agnès Denat. La Trame plans to use this session of Interfilière Paris to attract swimwear clients: “Swimwear is a godsend for us textile designers because we’re given free rein. Customers will support even the most daring ideas. We’re often pushed for even edgier designs, with hyper-prints, for example. Interfilière Paris will give us a good overview of this highly dynamic market!” enthuses Coralie Camarassa.

The following 10 design studios are taking part in La Trame’s first show pavilion: Girl Gang, Minakani, Ella D. Studio, Maison Le Callennec, Atelier du motif, Cosmic Zoo, Bikini sous la pluie, Cocktail maison, Sandrine Fourrier and Cymé. La Trame is also presenting a conference entitled “Enhancing your collection through textile design” at 2.30pm on Monday 8 July.



Our high-level reactivity and cutting-edge research laboratory enable us to develop solutions rapidly to suit our customers.” Aušra Valackaitė, Head of Administration at 3T – TRANSFERS TECHNOLOGIES FOR TEXTILE

Based in Vilnius, this Lithuanian company will be joining Interfilière Paris for the first time. Eastern Europe’s largest heat-transfer producer, 3T – Transfers Technologies specializes in the activewear market with annual production of 25 million pieces. “We have over 20 hi-tech machines for a production capacity of 50 million transfers per month. We’re coming to the Paris show to meet new customers – designers, textile designers, technical directors, purchasing managers. We’ll be presenting a mouldable transfer technology with a host of creative possibilities. We offer a wide range of decorative elements for sports bras and lingerie,” explains Aušra Valackaitė. The company’s existing customer base includes a number of prestigious brands, such as Lacoste, Nike and Victoria’s Secret. 3T – Transfers Technologies for Textile is also an ethical and environmentally responsible producer. It has obtained Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and satisfies the British OHSAS 18001 standard.


“Our working methods have been based on innovation, quality, service and reliability for the last 50 years”. Luca Pellegatta, Marketing Director for MAGLIFICIO ALTO MILANESE

Who is Maglificio Alto Milanese?
Specializing in 100% Italian-made knits, we create all different types of circular knit for the apparel and intimates market (35% of activity), as well as more technical applications.
Our expertise and knowhow, combined with a strictly controlled and ISO 9001-certified production cycle are the keys to offering high-quality products, incredibly fine knits as well as fast, flawless service. Thanks to a wide range of knitting machines, our technical team, continual research into new yarns, structures and the specific finishes developed, we create unique and innovative products, which fully satisfy our clients’ requirements. Our sales and R&D teams are ready to meet the demands of each and every customer, irrespective of their activity sector.

What makes you different?
We began production on in-house machines in a growing Italian market, where there was considerable demand for ‘comfortable’ jersey fabrics. Our fabrics were mainly basics for underwear and apparel, featuring predominantly natural fibres, such as cotton. The structure of the company has completely changed in the last few years, due to shifts in the Italian market and customer demand. Our production is now entirely outsourced, from dyeing through to finishing. This organisation allows us to be extremely flexible and reactive. We produce an incredibly varied range of Oeko-Tex-certified articles, with an excellent variety of compositions and structures, weights and finishes (antistatic, water-repellent, pleated, coated, etc.).

What’s your latest innovation?
Our new Graphène fabric. It’s going to change the way clothing is designed. Graphène boasts unique properties: in addition to thermal conductivity, it is electrostatic, light and antibacterial. Graphène is an innovative nano-technological material, at once soft and light, which contributes to regulating the wearer’s body temperature. Heat is dispersed in hot conditions and when temperatures fall, the heat is spread evenly to stabilize the temperature inside.

Do you offer an eco-responsible collection?
Absolutely. We have a capsule collection of environmentally responsible fabrics, designed using ‘eco-certified’ fibres, with yarns such as Amni Soul Eco®, Bio Evo®, Q-Nova® and New Life®, as well as the Nilit Heat® and Lyocell (Tencel)® fibres. With the active participation of our suppliers, we are also currently bringing our production processes into line with the ZDHC standard.

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