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19 June 2017

International Dance Day was on 29 April ― a good reason for me to talk about a subject that concerns many women: do you need specific lingerie for dance classes?

There’s no need to choose between support, comfort, and style! Let’s review the three key elements for looking as great as possible when you dance.


Dance may be an art, but it’s also a real sport. Of course there’s less impact on breasts than during a running workout, but there’s still some.

A cups may be able to do without support under their leotards, but B cups and over should think about keeping breasts beautiful before starting their pirouettes. It’s a fact; without the right support, dance’s many rapid movements will damage the elasticity of your breast tissue over time, no matter what size your bust.

Are you horrified of getting saggy breasts? Well, put away your lacy lingerie and go to activewear collections for bras and brassieres with carefully designed support, from soft to medium according to your bust size.

Avoid: Underwires that cut underneath your breasts. Too-tight straps.

Choose: Bras with wide support bands, padded styles, ergonomic straps, and fabrics that breathe and let you sweat.

 Anita Active


Freya Active 

 Maison Hoffalt


Stretching, flexing, jumping, turning . . . dance needs outfits that are perfectly comfortable so the body can move freely.

Opt for soft, natural fabrics like cotton or Modal. Leggings and pants with wide elastic at the waist. Seamless garments.

The same goes for bottoms. Whether you like tangas, briefs, or boyshorts, forget fabrics and elastics that rub too much (that includes thongs). This way you’ll avoid painful friction, redness, and bacterial growth.

Not many activewear brands include a specific dance line, so don’t hesitate to choose comfortable styles from their yoga ranges.

Lorna Jane
Petit Bateau







With their minimal designs and make-up palettes, ballerina-inspired looks are always a top trend, as seen especially during the SS17 shows, from Dior to Jil Stuart.

Don’t be shy about getting ideas from professional dancers: play with layering, let your bra, which becomes a top, peek through, and show off your leotard.

For dance that’s more street or Latin, go to the activewear lines for their wide range of vivid hues, multi-coloured prints, and dramatic sportswear cut-outs.

The dance studio is the perfect place to express your creativity with looks that might not be so easy to pull off in daily life!


Bia Brazil


Adidas by Stella McCartney

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