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Who runs the world? Girls

27 March 2019

No more retouched images, standardized body-shapes and aesthetic enhancements … imperfect is the new perfect for 2020! Manufacturers are reinventing lingerie and embracing new trends which speak to women, real women. Faustine Baranowski from the Promostyl agency translates these social developments for us.


An ode to natural beauty
Many French and international lingerie brands have stopped using conventional models, preferring the natural beauty and variety of ordinary women. We’re now seeing real-life curves, identifiable body-shapes and sizes, all different colours of skin and older women. The Body Positive movement aims to include all types of women, overturning established codes in a lingerie market which is still very conventional.

Business women
At the top of their game in the lingerie and beauty industry, business women celebrate the new approach to women’s bodies. Boasting impressive success stories, these female ambassadors have built empires and influence communities. It was Kim Kardashian who unleashed the art of contouring in the beauty industry and Rihanna’s Fenty collection offers bras in A to double G cups.

Ethical brands
An increasing number of brands are taking an active interest in breast cancer. Stella McCartney, for example, has developed a post-operative bra with a bold, reality-based advertising campaign. Thanks to the emergence of cosmetotextiles, containing ingredients that care for the body, therapeutic and poetic elements can now be combined. Similarly, sport and recycling are now an integral part of many lingerie collections.

Ever closer to customers
Going the extra mile, many brands are keen to enhance the customer experience via dedicated flagship stores. People no longer go shopping simply to make a purchase, they are looking for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Etam has developed a Try at home concept, allowing customers to try on lingerie in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.


Podcast: Exclusive Encounters x Promostyl – Faustine Baranowski, Promostyl; Diane Martin, founder of L’Ingénieuse Paris and Céline Jean, founder of Esquisse Lingerie
«The New empowerment of women – The evolution of women’s intimacy»



Faustine Baranowski

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