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8 April 2019

Over the last few years, new creative talents have had a considerable influence on the market in general: relationships to clothing, distribution networks, consumption behaviour, etc.
Key players in a New Wave which can’t help breaking the rules, these new international brands create fresh challenges for manufacturers.
With buzzwords like QUALITY and INNOVATION, production is leaning towards artisan craftsmanship and away from industry.

We asked these ‘Change Makers, who seek comfort and other benefits from the finest materials, the following question: What’s your ideal fabric?

Working closely with their suppliers, these brands select the best-performing companies in the international market.

This is the case for German brand OPAAK, which is taking the market by storm with its sexy minimalism and is keen to see even more eco-friendly accessories and trims. It has placed its trust in Italian manufacturers PIAVE MAITEX, COLOMBO ANTONIO as well as BRUGNOLI GIOVANNI.

One of NORDSTROM’s top designers, Chelsea Yaley, who also has her own line of handbags, particularly appreciates working with suppliers such as ILUNA (IT), ENCAJES (CO), MAGLIFICIO RIPA (IT), CHIEF YOU (TW) and BOSELLI (IT), whose distinctive and technical products stand out from the crowd.

A high-end maternity brand, UK-based SIX has built a reputation on its understated, minimal and feminine designs. It places great importance on base fabrics. Collections from LIEBAERT and PIAVE MAITEX, (from Belgium and Italy respectively) were the natural choice to satisfy the brand’s exacting standards.

With fabrics taking centre stage in the bespoke luxury market, Dutch brand MAISON NOUVELLE has turned to suppliers such as NOYON DENTELLE (FR), JEAN BRACQ (FR) and PONGEES LIMITED (GB) to track down top quality lace and silk.

For their experimental cuts and colour combinations, young Chinese intimates and swimwear brand, VOIMENT, understandably favours renowned fabric specialists: PENN TEXTILE SOLUTIONS (DE), BOSELLI (IT) as well as LIBERTY TEX (TW).

In a few years’ time, responsible and durable fabric production will no longer be the exception. Print-focused UK swimwear and athleisure brand SARAH AND SORRENTINO focuses mainly on ethical fabrics. It was won over by SOFILETA (FR) and its pro-environment commitments, as well as measures taken by the ROSSET Group (BR) and BRUGNOLI GIOVANNI (IT).

ADINA REAY, an English brand specializing in plus-size lingerie, is particularly interested in fabric structures, textured effects and quality. When developing products, it is happy to rely on the expertise of lace-makers such as MERY DENTELLES (FR) and SAKAE LACE (HK) or embroidery specialists like HAMMERLE & VOGEL (AT) and LIBERTY TEX (TW).

One key point, upon which they all agree: it’s not the trends but the products that matter these days!

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