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Modern women are multifaceted and proud of it!
As the retail scene is developed and updated to attract their attention, lingerie and swimwear stores are making key changes. Companies are reorganizing areas as concept and pop-up stores, offering online purchasing and stepping up their presence on social networks … but they’re also creating new in-store services.
Efforts to personalize the range may include tailored merchandising, targeted garment cuts and fabrics or more in-depth customer guidance, etc.

Retail is being renewed to suit the individual personalities of women, who are more specific and confident in expressing their desires and requirements, and are now driving the product range.

Heather Hazzan & Lily Cummings

Discover these trends and inspirations on the show’s Trend & Selection Forum, created by Vanessa Causse, Doing Designer for Trend Union and Unique by Mode City.
This dedicated area will be split into 4 women’s wardrobes.

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